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From managing conflict to improving teamwork, our popular workshops help build the essential skills necessary for success. Learn more about our entire portfolio of exceptional programs.


Our coaching sessions help leaders - from new managers to senior executives - challenge self-limiting beliefs, see options, and experience breakthroughs in thought and action.


Want to crank up your next conference, retreat, or event? An unforgettable presentation by Dr. Michael Brenner is guaranteed to entertain, enlighten and educate your audience.

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What Can Leaders Learn from Musicians?

About Dr. Michael Brenner

As president of Right Chord Leadership LLC, Michael helps leaders at all levels strengthen the essential skills needed to foster great performance. He achieves this by drawing on the lessons he’s learned as a business consultant, facilitator, and educator for more than 15 years and as a professional musician for over 25 years.

Michael’s unconventional professional development programs, coaching sessions, and consulting services have helped clients increase employee engagement, improve communication, reduce conflict, and strengthen collaboration. His unique approach to the art of leadership appeals to the heart as well as the head, leading to new insights and lasting, positive behavioral change with a direct impact on the bottom line.

Michael has designed and taught courses in systems dynamics, interpersonal relations, organizational behavior, persuasion and influence, and sociology of work at Immaculata University, La Salle University and Temple University. He was 2014 president of the Philadelphia chapter of ATD and has been a featured speaker at many industry events and conferences.

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    “You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.” – Bob Nelson, Author If you saw the 2014 movie “Whiplash,” you’ll surely remember Terence Fletcher (played by J.K. Simmons), the tyrannical jazz band leader fond of profanity and humiliating his young musicians.  The film […]

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    All About That Bass: The Essence of Leadership

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    Want to drive creativity? Improvise!

    As a jazz musician, I’ve always believed that strengthening your ability to improvise can boost creativity whether or not you play an instrument. That’s why the workshops I do on creativity and innovation always include exercises in improvisation. No wonder a recent article titled “Jazz improvisers score high on creativity” caught my attention. Scientists at […]

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