The “Ace” Model

All of the work we do at Right Chord Leadership is based on a simple but powerful model called the “ACE” Model. ACE stands for Accountability, Collaboration, and Engagement. These three critical concepts form the “pillars” of our leadership development and culture-building philosophy.

The Ace Model

Accountability: accepting responsibility for our own actions; eliminating “it’s not my fault” thinking, blaming and finger-pointing; stepping up to do the right thing even if the work is “someone else’s job”; setting clear goals and expectations

Collaboration: working harmoniously to accomplish the goal; sacrificing individual ego for the good of the team; sharing credit; leveraging one another’s strengths; strategic planning and seamless execution

Engagement: creating a culture in which employees are fully involved and enthusiastic about work; understanding what motivates team members to perform; feeling part of something larger than oneself; feeling that one’s work is “making a difference”


Because all three concepts must work together for organizations to achieve their goals, we’ve built our company around the ACE Model. It’s a rock-solid foundation that keeps the work we do focused on what matters most to our clients.