Leadership lessons from…band practice?

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As many of you know, I have been a professional musician (on and off) since I was a teenager.  Although the saxophone is my primary instrument, I can get around on a few others including clarinet and flute.  I currently play in a Philadelphia-based funk band called The 9’s.  I want to share with you […]

Women and the Workplace: Toward True Flexibility

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“Governments and enterprises must figure out how to expand their workforces now.  And to do that, they should look to one particular demographic group that is woefully underrepresented in the formal economy and has much more to contribute: women.” I recently came across that provocative sentiment in the essay “The Underworked Solution: Women and the […]

Leadership Lessons from a Yogurt Guru

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Have you heard of Chobani yogurt?  If not, maybe you don’t spend much time in the yogurt aisle.  You see, Chobani has rapidly grown into a bona fide player (2011 sales are expected to top $700 million) and is now #3 among all yogurt brands, behind behemoths Yoplait and Dannon.  Chobani’s young founder, 40-year-old Hamdi […]

American Workers Lazy? Hardly.

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A Newsweek article by Paul Begala caught my attention this week.  In the piece, Begala challenges several recent statements from politicians lamenting the work ethic of the American worker.  For example: “This is a great, great country that has gotten a little soft…” – President Obama “Americans have tended to avoid the hard work that […]

Liberating Passion – 6 Crucial Steps

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I recently read an outstanding article by Omar Khan called “Liberating Passion: How the World’s Best Leaders Produce Winning Results.”  The article resonated with me because I had just returned from conducting several leadership programs for a client in Chicago.  During the sessions, the question of how to “liberate passion” within employees came up numerous […]