Dr. Michael Brenner offers a variety of entertaining and enlightening keynotes to jazz up any occasion! Each is customized to your specific audience and is guaranteed to enhance your event.

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Find Your Groove: What Leaders Can Learn From Jazz
Learn powerful lessons in improvisation, collaboration, listening, and support from some of the world’s best jazz musicians.

Musical_staffThe Art of Improvisation: Tapping the Power of Spontaneous Creativity
Understand the critical skill of improvisation—the ability to think, act, and create spontaneously—and how to leverage for maximum creativity and innovation in your organization.


From Sour Notes to Sweet Harmony: What the Best Leaders Do to Manage Conflict at Work
Tap the creative potential of conflict by learning to manage it constructively and respectfully.


The Rhythm of Teamwork: How Outstanding Teams Create, Communicate and Collaborate
Learn what distinguishes high-performance teams and how they achieve outstanding results no matter what obstacles they face.


The Emotionally Intelligent Leader: Strategies for Great Performance
Strengthen your emotional intelligence to build strong relationships, engender trust, increase morale and influence others.


Get AMPED!: How to Crank Up Performance, Commitment and Energy at Work
Discover the latest research on employee engagement and learn what it takes to crank it up to “MAX” at your organization.


Creating a Culture of Innovation that Rocks
Learn what the most innovative companies in the world do to foster creativity, drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition.