In today’s business environment, ambiguity and unpredictability are woven into the DNA of our work lives. That’s why we apply a holistic approach in our consulting work. Using this “systems thinking” framework, we examine the Big Picture–the critical connections, relationships, and “touch points” that aren’t always obvious–and apply disciplined methods to discover where the gaps and opportunities exist. We then work with our clients to pursue these opportunities with rigor and precision. The result? A team or organization that is aligned, focused and functioning optimally.

We help our clients develop, refine, and implement:

  • More memorable on-boarding programs for new hires
  • More innovative, engaged, change-ready cultures
  • More equitable performance management processes
  • More efficient change processes
  • More powerful visions, missions, and values
  • More accountable cross-functional teams
  • More effective coaching and mentoring programs
  • More impactful executive and staff retreats

Let’s connect. Call Dr. Michael Brenner at 610-724-3621 or email michael@nullrightchordleadership.com. When people work in harmony, great things happen®.