Talent Development

Is your organization developing talent effectively?

The stakes have never been higher.

According to an extensive report titled “Global Human Capital Trends 2015: Leading in the new world of work” from Deloitte University Press:

“As the economy recovers, companies see an accelerating demand for leadership at all levels, especially among Millennials. This may be one reason that the proportion of respondents rating leadership as ‘very important’ rose by 32% over last year…Yet improvements are not coming fast enough. Only 6% of companies feel fully ready to address their leadership issues, only 10% feel comfortable with their succession program, and only 7% have strong programs to build Millennial leaders.”

Are you ready for the future?

No single factor has more impact on a company’s success than the performance of its leaders. Yet many organizations are unprepared to meet the leadership challenges of today’s unpredictable, fast-paced business environment. Think about your leaders. Are they consistently getting and delivering exceptional results? Do they bring out the best in people in a way that grows your company’s bottom line? Do they have the skills to tackle today’s tough challenges? How well do they communicate, adapt to change, manage conflict, motivate team members and foster collaboration?

We help leaders, teams, and organizations achieve great performance.

Right Chord Leadership offers a full line of fully customizable programs to help your team or organization achieve great performance (click here to view our complete list of program offerings). Our approach combines:

  • the latest research on leadership, teams and culture development
  • highly engaging active learning techniques
  • video lessons between live sessions
  • one-on-one coaching to reinforce learning
  • a wealth of insights gained from over three decades in the performing arts

It’s leadership development that resonates — and results in lasting, positive behavioral change.

Let’s discuss what Right Chord Leadership can do for you. Contact Dr. Michael Brenner at 610-724-3621 or email michael@nullrightchordleadership.com. When people work in harmony, great things happen®.