Why RCL?

Are your leaders and teams playing the right chords?

According to recent statistics, if you lead a team of 10 people:

– 3 will quit their job after about 6 months from their hiring date
– 7 believe engagement is a problem in your organization
– 6 would trust a stranger significantly more than their boss
– Only 2 demonstrate a high level of talent for managing others

Those are some pretty sour notes. But here’s the good news: when your people are playing the “right chords,” the benefits are crystal clear:

» Greater employee engagement & trust
» More open and honest communication
» Less conflict and more collaboration
» Improved service & productivity
» Increased customer loyalty
» More sales, referrals & profit

At Right Chord Leadership, we help leaders and teams at all levels find their groove, get in sync, and work in harmony. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s top companies in manufacturing, IT, retail, healthcare, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and education. Our work focuses on one goal: helping our clients achieve great performance.

Sound good?  Call us at (610) 724-3621 today.  Let’s start making some beautiful music together.

To learn more about Right Chord Leadership and company president Dr. Michael Brenner, please watch the brief videos below.