Go Ahead and Jump!

Why is March 17 special? Van Halen’s “Jump” peaked at No.1 in the U.S. on this day in 1984. Sing along with me now: I get up And nothing gets me down You got it tough I’ve seen the toughest around And I know Baby, just how you feel You’ve got to roll with the punches…
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Remembering Sallie, the Intrepid Pup of Gettysburg

Someone went to the trouble of placing real dog biscuits on the memorial for the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and its beloved mascot Sallie Ann Jarrett, the only dog to have seen combat at Gettysburg. Named after the regiment’s commanding officer (Col. Phaon Jarrett) and a local woman named Sallie Ann, the little terrier attended…
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Empathy Is The Most Important Leadership Skill According To Research

Whenever I read that a leadership skill is the “most important,” I take it with a grain of salt. However, I do think there is something to be said for the role of empathy in the workplace. A recent article by Tracy Brower does a nice job of spelling out the benefits of empathy.…
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Get Out of your Comfort Zone with Bert and Ernie

I overheard my daughter watching this clip this morning. Great reminder about the potential rewards of stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new, not to mention adding a little spontaneity to your day.