When people work in harmony, great things happen

Better Teamwork Through Chemistry

A friend and I were recently engaged in an online conversation about who would appear on our Mt. Rushmore of Rock in the following categories: guitar, front man, bass, keyboards, and drums. By “Mt. Rushmore of Rock,” we meant the 4 individuals in each category whose significance, influence, notoriety, and skill puts them on a…
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The Power of Brevity

I’ll keep this short. I was listening to one of my musical heroes recently, the great Charlie “Bird” Parker, and his legendary solo on the classic “A Night in Tunisia” (recorded for Dial Records in 1946). This particular version contains one of the most famous solo “breaks” in all of jazz. You can hear it…
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The (Blessed) Sound of Silence

“Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again…” If you’re of a certain age, you most certainly recognize the opening lines of Simon & Garfunkel’s immortal song “The Sound of Silence.” Although the album on which the song originally appeared was a commercial flop in 1964, since then “The Sound of…
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Chuck Berry: An Appreciation

As a performing musician who also does a lot of work in the creativity and innovation space, I thought it fitting to acknowledge the passing of Chuck Berry this past Saturday. Many musicians, including members of the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, and Slash of Guns n’ Roses, have expressed their admiration for Berry following his death…
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