All of our programs are designed for maximum impact and flexibility

Live in-classroom:

The most popular designs are half-day (3 hour) and full day (7 hour w/lunch). If your time is limited, we can also conduct 60- or 90-minute “jam sessions” on any topic.  These sessions allow for maximum learning in minimal time (many clients run these shorter sessions during lunch).  Of course, we’d be happy to customize any existing program to fit your allotted time frame.

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Programs can be delivered virtually using your company’s platform. This may be a good option if you have many geographically dispersed participants.

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Programs can also be delivered as a blend of live and virtual.

We’ll work closely with you to customize program content to your specific needs and challenges, including client-specific case studies, skills practice sessions, and simulations/scenarios. We also work with clients to develop comprehensive learning courses that include multiple programs delivered over a prescribed period of time. This may be a good option if you have identified several areas for staff development.

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Let’s talk about what Right Chord Leadership can do for you. Connect with Dr. Michael Brenner on the Contact Us page or call 610-724-3621. When people work in harmony, great things happen®.

Program titles are listed below. For the complete 2018 Program Portfolio that includes detailed program descriptions, click here.


These programs are geared toward relatively new (0-2 years) frontline supervisors and managers. They include foundational skills for increasing efficiency, improving communication, and presenting with confidence.



These programs are geared toward more experienced leaders with 3-5 years of experience. They include next-level skills for building rapport, engagement, trust, and collaboration.



These programs are geared toward more senior leaders. They include advanced skills for strengthening team cohesion and problem solving.